Crossfit is a cult, and its dangerous...

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Crossfit is a cult, and its dangerous...

Crossfit is both loved and hated among those who love, hate and are indifferent to fitness.

Those of us in the fitness community are constantly striving for perfection. We want to get bigger, stronger, learner, faster, and better overall each day. We spend countless hours in the gym, tweaking and re-tweaking workouts and reaching for ways to nurture our bodies to achieve true greatness. This is something that I think the majority of us can agree upon. 

But somewhere along the line a new "sport" was created and it was coined "Crossfit". It’s grown from a very small movement that has ballooned into something GREAT that I'm sure founder Greg Glassman could have never imagined. But here we are in 2016 and the Crossfit Games are broadcasting on ESPN, millions of amateur and pro athletes participate each year and thus with most great big achievements comes many distractors, "haters" and naysayers. 

Since I started Crossfit in 2008, I've heard more jokes characterizing one for of athleticism and achieving a fit lifestyle than any other sport I've observed. We have all head jokes about bodybuilders not being able to reach into their pockets. We've heard jokes about aerobics and popular dance fitness activities and how they are overacted and serve you very little in achieving your fitness goals. But Crossfit is in a lane of its own. People harass and offer critiques of Crossfit unfairly and normally without just cause. Sure a Kipping pull-up looks crazy until you understand it. Sure conventional wisdom would tell you to not do 30 Snatches, or 55 Deadlifts or combination of both in a short period of time. BUT with that said there was once a time that people recommended you eat raw eggs and run like Rocky if you want to reach your fitness goals. Sure that may work as well but knowledge, programming and proper coaching will give you all you need to build on Crossfit and reach your fitness goals. Crossfit like any other fitness program will have some who are injured, some who will excel, some who will fail and many that fall in between the lines. The bottom line is Crossfit is a great community and you should give it a try before deducting your conclusion. 

For me functional fitness made more sense, it resonated with what I thought was logical. Not to mention I love the family atmosphere you get in a Crossfit box, a group of people competing each day, not necessarily with me but with who they were yesterday to help reach greatness. Let’s not forget what I love most and what I think is greatest attribute of Crossfit is the varying WOD (Workout of the Day). Each day you walk into the box you have no idea if you are going to row 2K meters, run 2K meters, do 50 pull-ups, 100 wall-balls, 30 power-cleans, 50 clean and jerks or a combination of other Olympic Lifts, Power Lifts, Gymnastics or endurance activities. 

At the end of the day though fitness is a lifestyle we all must choose, I chose Crossfit and you can choose the big box gym. It does not matter really as long as you are challenging your body to get stronger, faster, and better overall and sharing what you are doing with others. 

Committing yourself to fitness is one of the greatest accomplishments you can ever achieve...Whatever you decide to do just remember to live by our motto at Best Fit Apparel.

"Let Me Be Great" 


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