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Crossfit like any other fitness program will have some who are injured, some who will excel, some who will fail and many that fall in between the lines. The bottom line is Crossfit is a great community and you should give it a try before deducting your conclusion.

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The New Year Gives You the Feeling that You Can Capture Something New Listen folks its no secret that the New Year brings New Promises that we all make to ourselves. These resolutions can be constructive and give us the feeling of being able the capture our goals. The problem is we often lose focus and motivation shortly after we being. The question is Why? And what can we do to change it?  I can promise you something that you may not realize. If you were to ask you favorite professional athlete be it Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Football, Basketball or...

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Do you lack the patience for mobility like so many of us? The goal to achieve gains in the gym is commonplace for most members. But the lagging piece that we often neglect or forget is the importance of treating our muscles to movements that will improve their recovery, growth and most importantly minimize damage and injuries. In the world of Crossfit mobility is used a great deal but from my personal experience its still something glossed over by many and minimally emphasized by coaches. We treat it as more of a cusp to the real workout rather than an...

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Cardio training vs. weight training? This is a question asked many ladies looking to stay healthy. A lot of women shy away from weight training completely, because of the fear of getting too bulky and looking like a man. Whoever told you that weightlifting is only for extreme bodybuilders wanting to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, simply knows nothing about weightlifting. The myth that weightlifting makes girls bulky just simply isn’t true. There are so many beautiful women that weight train daily.

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