I hate stretching and mobility...they are DUMB!

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I hate stretching and mobility...they are DUMB!

Do you lack the patience for mobility like so many of us?

The goal to achieve gains in the gym is commonplace for most members. But the lagging piece that we often neglect or forget is the importance of treating our muscles to movements that will improve their recovery, growth and most importantly minimize damage and injuries. In the world of Crossfit mobility is used a great deal but from my personal experience its still something glossed over by many and minimally emphasized by coaches. We treat it as more of a cusp to the real workout rather than an important component and vital piece to the puzzle.

I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty. I HATE mobility only exceeded by my hate for box jumps, wall balls and running. Mobilty is the reason any WOD that requires I go shoulder to over head I'm hindered a great deal. But my lack of interest and ability to hold my attention is the reason I continually ignore my issues.

In 2017, I challenge all members of the fit community to make a quick trip to google and search for mobility resources. There are countless sites that offer great information to attack this challenge. I have two that I personally  use and intend to use far more often and that's MobiltyWod and RomWod.

Both of the resources work very well and have easy plans to follow for a low cost. Of course YouTube is full of free information as well. The important step is to treat Mobility like leg day or chest day, Murph or DT. Approach them as challenges that will only lead to more gains, more reps, more accomplishments and more satisfaction.

This fitness journey is multidimensional. Fitness, Food, are always mentioned but lets make space for mobility there as well for without this piece you will spend more time injured, more time stagnant and most importantly more time NOT making gains, and NOT getting better.

The choice is yours but for me its simple. Let's Be GREAT!

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