Best Fit Apparel New Site Launch July 12, 2015

It has been a goal for quite sometime to be a successful entrepreneur. I've worked in real estate, consulting and sales but never found my appropriate lane. In 2006, I stepped on a scale and realized something amazing happened. I was 5'4 and 225lbs and had no clue when and how it happened. Well maybe I knew how it happened but did not want to admit it to myself. Maybe it was the cheese steak breakfast subs, or endless chicken tenders. Maybe it was all the beer, wings and pizza. Maybe it was the lack of actual activity and long work hours of endless snacking. And maybe I was just lazy and allowed myself to become a victim of the American obsession with obesity. No matter what it was I made a decision that day and changed my life forever. I lost 75lbs in 10 months and never looked back. I used multiple tools to reach my goals from various diet books, to various home fitness programs.

To my own surprise I suddenly realized something that I did not see happening. I feel in love with everything to do with the fitness community which lead me to where we are today. There are many brands available for one to wear in the gym. Some brands are international and well known by many because pro-athletes and professional sport organization brandish their products. Some are only known to smaller communities of like thinking individuals who are dedicated to some sport, activity, or event that unites many under one mind-state.

Our brand is for EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE from the novice obese individual who made a commitment to change their life. To the intermediate gym or activity fan who often thinks about ways to improve how they perform day to day. To the Semi-pro and pro athlete we are here to support all of you. Rather you can do 1 push up or 100 push ups you are somebody and you deserve everything you earn.

Our brand is built to be a bridge for everyone a bridge for anyone and a tool to share your addiction to one goal and that's getting better each day.

We live by our own credo, our own mission statement and our own motto. Its a simple 4 word phrase that declares your ultimate goal every time you enter the gym, walk on the field or court, enter the studio or anywhere in between.

Our motto is "Let Me Be Great"

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