Best Fit Apparel launches new fitness apparel designs for Winter and Fall fitness clothing.

Long Sleeve T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies and Leggings for the gym and home workouts.

Baltimore, MD – (November 10, 2015) -- New and exciting fitness apparel company that launched its new site in July 2015 is releasing new fashion for the Fall/Winter season. The new apparel includes hoodies, hats, long sleeve t-shirts and leggings. The clothing is designed to meet the comfort and fashionable demands of both amateurs and professional athletes. The label targets those who want fun and interesting apparel to wear to the gym. Best Fit Apparel is designed and made to be comfortable and motivating to keep you pushing forward toward your fitness goals. They specialize in t-shirts, hats and tank-tops for both men and women. Our new site is already receiving great reviews from our members.

The timing is perfect for the holiday season as our discounts and sales for the holiday season will begin on 11/16/15 with some products discounted up to 50%. The fitness apparel is the perfect gift especially to help keep those New Year’s Resolutions intact.

“We are excited about our new designs as our team has worked tirelessly to share some of our favorite mantras with the world” said Sid, Creative Assistant. More than just a brand Best Fit Apparel is a movement. We are a movement of individuals who hope to improve each day and share their intent with the world. When going to the gym or working out at home everyone has what they consider to be their favorite apparel for the workout. The designs behind the team at Best Fit Apparel is for those who want comfortable and reliable apparel to meet fitness needs. The company was built and designed by a team of fitness fans at multiple levels. While there are many brands that offer fitness and athletic apparel none offer the unique designs of Best Fit Apparel.

“Our goal was to grow organically by offering a reliable options that were fun and interesting to our customers” said Clinton Jiggetts, Founder and Creative Director. The fitness industry is huge and only growing as more people see the value in living a fit and healthy life. Our Best Fit brand is designed to give our client’s access to apparel that reflects their fitness principles, beliefs and convictions. We believe in sharing our motto, “Let Me Be Great”.

About Best Fit Apparel

Our brand began with a simple goal to make the best T-shirt. We wanted a shirt that can be worn to the gym, or a casual night out. Founded in 2014, by Clinton Jiggetts, Best Fit is a brand built for you. We are a brand designed to meet the demands of the novice gym member to the professional athlete. Our apparel is top quality and can fit every mood before, during and after the gym. We are headquartered in Maryland and are a team of gym junkies who love maintaining our motivation and new gear always helps. We believe everyone as the innate ability to create greatness within them. We have no time for those who elect to keep others from progress. We live by the motto, “Let Me Be Great”.

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