How to improve your Double Unders?

How to improve your Double Unders?

Stuck Home Due to COVID? Why not get better at Double Unders? 

If you want to dominate your WOD, it is crucial to perform Crossfit Mobility exercises before the main workout. Double Unders are a fascinating exercise of CrossFit Mobility because it targets the whole body. However, this exercise is not an easy one, especially for beginners. Hence. Today we will provide you a short guide that will convert your broken Double Unders into fascinating ones.

Start with Single Unders

If you want to improve your Double Unders, then it is necessary to be an expert in Single Unders (In Single Unders, the ropes pass from your feet once when you make a normal jump). Hence, take an initial step, Start from 50 Single Unders without any pause or delay.

It will build up the coordination of your hands with your feet. Moreover, it will enhance your stamina to perform Double Unders.

Move towards Penguin jumps

The perfect jump is the most crucial point of Double Unders. Put the rope aside and start Penguin Jumps. In Penguin jumps, you will make a higher jump while patting your hips twice. If you are patting before your feet are on the ground, then you are doing it right, otherwise, jump higher.

Improve Movement of your Wrists

The speed of your rope depends on the movement of your wrists. Hence, start improving your wrists because it is the only hurdle left. Make Penguin Jumps and this time instead of patting move your wrists twice.

  • Do not lean your body in any direction; keep it straight; it will maintain your balance.
  • Do not move your biceps along with your wrist movement.

Perform your first Double Unders

Do not expect to perform frequent Double Unders in one drill. Hence, start from performing one, perform one Double Under and stay stable for 1 sec. Keep repeating this procedure until you have completed 50 Double Unders. It will help your brain to adapt to the new exercise. Moreover, your body will also be able to coordinate better.

Note: Do not let your knees get bent or your legs lean forward.

Get ready for your consecutive Double Unders

If you are at this point, then your jumps are perfect, formation is excellent, wrist movement is fast, and coordination is excellent. Now perform your Double Unders, make five rounds, and each round contains five reps.

Live by the motto...LET ME BE GREAT!


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