How to Learn to do Pull-Ups

How to Learn to do Pull-Ups

How to get your first pull up?

If you are planning to become a CrossFit athlete, then pulling strength must be your priority. The most common exercise to enhance your pulling strength is pull-ups. Today we will provide you a comprehensive guideline that will help you in performing your first full up with proper progression.

Let us get started! 

Stretching is the key factor

Keep one crucial point in mind that never start bodyweight exercises without proper stretches. Exercises like pull-ups require the full potential of your upper body. Without appropriate stretching, your muscles will be in rest that will ultimately restrict you from giving your best. The best option to open up your body is to perform CrossFit mobility exercises. It will awaken your muscles as well as a great way to warm up your body.

Step #1: Grab the pull up bar

It is time for you to get serious, grab a pull up bar. Make a firm grip and keep your hands outside of the shoulders width. Wait! Do not pull yourself up yet.

Start from hanging on the bar because most of the time, your upper torso is ready to perform more reps, but your hands get tired. Take an initial step of 10-sec timer. Hang for 10 seconds and increase the time after every round. Perform the same action for one week.

Make sure after one week, you can hang more than 30 seconds.

Step #2: Chair Assisted Pull up

Chair assisted pull up is an easy and fundamental step towards the proper pull up. Grab a chair or stool, place it near to your pull up bar. Make a firm grip on the bar, keep one foot on the chair, and pull yourself up. While going down, bend your leg that is on the chair. While going up straighten that leg again.

Perform the same cycle again and again for three days. It will improve your formation.

Step #3: Jump Pull up

Once you have mastered chair Assisted pull up move towards this step. Remove the chair and make a grip on the bar. If your feet touch the ground, push and jump up. Use the force of the jump to go up and perform your pull-up.

Note: If your feet do not touch the ground, you can place a supporting item.

Step #4: Ultimate Pull up

Now, you have built up your arm strength, you know the formation, and you know how to go up. Let us remove all the support and start with the internal strength.

Hold the bar outside of your shoulder width and push yourself up with the strength of your arms and shoulders. Make sure your chin goes above the bar then slowly come down.

Note: Do not move your legs or take any support from them.



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