Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Handstand Pushups

Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Handstand Pushups

Crossfit Functional training that includes various complex and robust exercises; one of them is Handstand Pushups. It is one of the most challenging exercises among all in CrossFit. Therefore, today we will help you in getting better in it. With our assistance, you will complete your first fully functional Handstand pushup.

Let us get started!

Start with some warm-up.

Crossfit is an extensive training hence always warm up the targeted muscles. In Handstand pushups, the major targeted areas are shoulders and wrists. Consequently, before directly moving towards your handstand pushups start by warming up your targeted areas.

  • Keep your one hand straight and use your opposite hand to push your finger backward.
  • Rotate both of your wrists for 30 seconds.
  • Place your hands on a wall and push it.
  • Now, Stretch your arms to warm up your shoulders.
  • Perform a few reps of pike pushups.
  • Now take 2 minutes rest.

Start with the Normal Handstand

Keep your body near to a wall; it would not let you fall backward. Moreover, the wall will give you some support that will improve your balancing skills.

  • Place your hands on the ground and start from some scissor kicks. You might not be able to place your feet on the wall in one kick. Hence, keep trying.
  • Once you have successfully achieved your scissor kick, at least stay 30 seconds in the handstand position and be stable.
  • Now start bending your elbows, start from minor bends. It will help you in learning the technique. Moreover, make your arms compatible with your body weight because it is the first time your arms have all of your weight.
  • Increase the bend after every round, once you will be able to perform one complete bend, then you have learned the proper technique, and now no one can defeat you.

Note: Do not always stay near to the wall; you have to keep improving your skills. Once you can perform a proper handstand pushup, skip the support. Perform the handstand with no support near to your body.

Muscles you have to focus on during the handstand Pushup

While performing your handstand pushup, you have to put tension on multiple areas of your body. Otherwise, you are just performing reps.

  • Keep your abs, thighs, and glutes squeezed. It will help you in improving your balance.
  • While going down, put the complete pressure on your shoulders and upper chest.

Try the above tips, and you will surely be able to perform ultimate handstand pushups.

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