Why Scaling is for the Cool Kids!

Why Scaling is for the Cool Kids!

If you are into CrossFit, then you must have heard one word frequently, Scaling. Scaling is a technique commonly used in CrossFit. However, 80% of beginners do not know its meaning, although they have heard it many times.

You might have seen various types of physiques in the gym doing CrossFit. How do you think a skinny or a healthy person is surviving such a dominating training (CrossFit)? All thanks to Scaling because, in Scaling, a person modifies the intensity of the WOD according to his/her fitness level. Hence, it is the reason everybody can become a part of CrossFit.

All the WODs and exercises have a scaling option. For example, if you are into weightlifting, then lift a lighter weight and perform more reps, and if you are in bodyweight exercises, then use extensions like an elastic band to perform exercises like pushups, squats, and pull-ups more effectively.

Drag each exercise to a limit when each targeted muscle starts trembling.

Is scaling only for beginner Crossfitters?

If you think scaling is only meant for beginners; then you are wrong because even Professional Crossfitters also use this technique. CrossFit is a robust training, and joint pains are common. Hence, Athletes cannot skip their days just because of some pain. Therefore, they adapt Scaling and make their day challenging.

The most common situation Crossfitters adapt Scaling

Some days are different from others, for example; Fever, not enough intake calories or proteins, consumption of alcohol, and many more. In these types of situations, your body is unable to give its best, and ultimately there is a reduction in strength. In these types of situations, Scaling is the best option to adapt. You can complete your WOD according to your current strength.

Sometimes you have to learn new exercises and trust me CrossFit includes complex ones. In this situation, it is better to scale; it will avoid the chances of injury. Moreover, it will be easier to become an expert in the formation of the exercise.

Multiple options for Scaling

In Scaling, you can not only decrease the weights, but you can also reduce the total number of rounds. OR keep the rounds the same and reduce the number of reps. You can follow any combination that makes you feel comfortable during your workout.

Do not lose hope; learn to scale.


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