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Cardio training vs. weight training? This is a question asked many ladies looking to stay healthy. A lot of women shy away from weight training completely, because of the fear of getting too bulky and looking like a man. Whoever told you that weightlifting is only for extreme bodybuilders wanting to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, simply knows nothing about weightlifting. The myth that weightlifting makes girls bulky just simply isn’t true. There are so many beautiful women that weight train daily.

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Long Sleeve T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies and Leggings for the gym and home workouts. Baltimore, MD – (November 10, 2015) -- New and exciting fitness apparel company that launched its new site in July 2015 is releasing new fashion for the Fall/Winter season. The new apparel includes hoodies, hats, long sleeve t-shirts and leggings. The clothing is designed to meet the comfort and fashionable demands of both amateurs and professional athletes. The label targets those who want fun and interesting apparel to wear to the gym. Best Fit Apparel is designed and made to be comfortable and motivating to keep you...

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It has been a goal for quite sometime to be a successful entrepreneur. I've worked in real estate, consulting and sales but never found my appropriate lane. In 2006, I stepped on a scale and realized something amazing happened. I was 5'4 and 225lbs and had no clue when and how it happened. Well maybe I knew how it happened but did not want to admit it to myself. Maybe it was the cheese steak breakfast subs, or endless chicken tenders. Maybe it was all the beer, wings and pizza. Maybe it was the lack of actual activity and long...

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